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Jak przygotować się do przeprowadzki?

Moving is an extremely stressful undertaking for many people. It is usually associated with excessive haste and fear that something will go wrong. It is worth preparing for this early and calming down, because under stress a lot can happen – for example, you can accidentally damage furniture or porcelain tableware. Therefore, it is worth taking care of proper preparation. In this article, we present how to transport furniture safely and professionally. We cordially invite you to read carefully!

Solid preparation – developing a plan

For a successful move, you should prepare for it in advance. This includes the preparation of an earlier plan describing each stage, starting from packing, through lifting the boxes for transport, and ending with unpacking them in a new place.

In a situation where we have a small amount of time, it is best to entrust the transport of furniture to a professional company that offers assistance in moving. However, you should choose a good company to be sure that our furniture will be safely transported, and the whole project is carried out quickly and efficiently.

How to choose the perfect moving company to transport furniture?

When looking for a suitable company to transport furniture, it is worth taking a look at its price list first, because the same service may vary in price depending on the company. However, it is not worth choosing the cheapest one, but there is also no guarantee that the company that wants the highest price for the service compared to the competition provides the highest level of customer service. Therefore, it is also worth paying attention to other criteria, such as the hours when the furniture can be transported. Why? Because when the company guarantees the possibility of transporting furniture 24 hours a day, also on weekends and public holidays, it proves that it is open to customer expectations and cares about its satisfaction and satisfaction with the service provided.

In addition, it is also worth:

  • view the photo gallery and see how the furniture is transported in a given company,
  • find out if it is possible to meet at the destination before transporting the furniture in order to arrange all details,
  • look at the price list,
  • read opinions about a given removal company on the Internet or ask friends who have used its services to be sure that the service will be performed with care for customer satisfaction and at the highest level.

Moving companies offer – furniture transport

Moving companies offer a variety of services. Currently, we can meet more and more companies that expand their transport services and, apart from transporting furniture, also offer disassembly of furniture and packaging of equipment  . So if you want to have as many tasks as possible during the move done for you by a professional company, find out if the company offers additional services. Then it may turn out that you only have to let the moving team into the apartment and they will take care of everything. It is a very convenient solution for people who value saving time.

Transporting furniture is an extremely difficult task and it is worth opting for the help of specialists. When looking for the best company, you should pay attention to many issues at the same time – the service should be affordable, professionally and quickly. It is also worth finding out whether the car for transporting furniture is equipped with, for example, an elevator, and whether the company transports large-size furniture, if you want to transport it too. It is also worth choosing a company that, apart from transporting equipment and furniture, also delivers cardboard boxes and packs things for transport.

Transport of furniture – what should you remember?

Removals often require planning, but it is worth taking the time to choose a professional moving company. You should know that transporting items of different sizes requires the implementation of specific solutions, the use of appropriate tools and a suitable vehicle. At the beginning, it is worth mentioning that you should first of all obtain cardboard boxes of various sizes. It is recommended to sign them with a marker, so that you can easily find what’s in which box. Contrary to appearances, finding cardboard boxes is not such a difficult task. First, you can ask your friends, and if it doesn’t work out, browse through advertisements on the Internet – people often give away unnecessary boxes for free. You can also get cardboard boxes in supermarkets. It is worth looking around first before buying cartons, because they are a one-time and unnecessary expense. You should know that a professional moving company will provide as many cartons as you will need. In addition to cardboard boxes, it is worth having, for example, bubble wrap, air-filled bags, foams, blankets and stretch films to protect many items during transport. A car is also extremely important, as it should be large enough to accommodate all furniture, equipment and cardboard boxes with as few trips as possible.

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