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Od kogo najlepiej kupić mieszkanie?

If we decide to buy an apartment, we have two options – one of them is to buy real estate from the primary market, the other from the secondary market. So we can buy an apartment directly from the developer and it is a new apartment from the primary market, and we can also buy an old apartment from a private person from the secondary market. Of course, each of the solutions has its advantages and disadvantages. In this article, however, we would like to focus on what the developer has to offer , what are the advantages and disadvantages, why it is worth choosing such apartments and what to pay attention to when choosing.

Apartment from the developer

At present, flats from the primary market are very popular. The developer will not start construction, and some apartments are already sold. They spread out like hot cakes. They are popular both in large towns and in the center and outskirts, as well as in small towns. They are perfect for singles, young couples and families. It is enough to choose the appropriate size and a specific place, and then simply buy such an apartment. But are you sure? Not exactly. The developer undoubtedly plays a very important role . In fact, a lot depends on him. He is involved in the construction of our dream apartment, he is important when it comes to our satisfaction and satisfaction, we sign all contracts with him.

Not everyone is created equal. Surely, we’ve heard about scammers getting advances and disappearing more than once, right? Such people happen, so if we are to start looking for a developer and an ideal apartment, let’s focus exactly on who such a person is. Why is it worth to bet on an apartment from the primary market? First of all, we get a space that we can arrange ourselves from scratch. Often, an apartment from the secondary market requires a major renovation, and if we do not have the funds, we have to live in a place that visually does not suit us at all. If we have a new apartment, we choose the colors of the walls ourselves, we buy the floor, tiles, furniture, everything.

Secondly, such an apartment is certain that there is no risk associated with the legal status of the property. It happens that someone buys a flat, and suddenly it turns out that there is a mortgage on it or someone is registered in it.The developer offers us an apartment in which no one has ever lived and we become its first owners. Thirdly, if we buy an apartment from a developer, we have the opportunity to obtain bonuses and discounts. Often, for example, the owner of a given property offers us a storage room, garage or, for example, a parking space, free of charge in the price of the apartment. What’s more, the price itself is also negotiable, and in the case of the last apartments, it can be significantly reduced if they are not so catchy and there are no immediate customers for them. Another advantage is that the apartments built today are fully functional, modern, designed so that each owner can fully adjust them to their expectations, needs and requirements.

Is an apartment from a developer the best option?

It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally, because it all depends on what the customer expects, what he cares about, what he wants to gain. Some opt for secondary market flats, because they turn out to be much cheaper for them and, if a good opportunity arises, they do not require major renovation. Such apartments are purchased from a private seller and everything is settled between the buyer and seller, and then the notary himself. You can, of course, decide to buy an apartment from a real estate office, where we will be offered a specific apartment that will meet our expectations. Here you can also choose a used apartment or choose an apartment from the primary market. And the third option is the developer himself as the most popular option recently. It is perfect if it meets your customers’ needs. When we want to buy an apartment, we should take into account all the advantages and disadvantages and, on this basis, choose one specific solution that will turn out to be a bull’s eye for us.

Developer – a professional in his profession

If we want our apartment to turn out to be our dream space, this perfect place, the developer must certainly also be a person for whom we are sure that we want to buy such an apartment from her. Let’s check the opinions on the web, find out as much as possible about it, and always try to dispel any doubts that arise. The better we choose, the greater will be the satisfaction with the dream apartment, and this is what we care about and that’s what we want, right? There is an increasing group of developers on the market, and our task is to find the perfect place and the best person in this profession who will sell our living space.

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