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Projektowanie wnętrz niecodziennie — Sprawdź jak oryginalnie wykończyć ściany w naszym mieszkaniu, aby były gustowne i estetyczne.

The walls in our apartment are one of the most underrated and overlooked elements. Very often, thanks to paying a little more attention to them, we can change our home beyond recognition and achieve a very aesthetic and attractive appearance of the property. So how to design interiors in an unusual and original way – we present some interesting ideas below.

Wooden walls

The first interesting solution when finishing walls in our houses is finishing them with wood. Today, there are many different types of wooden panels or elements that are aesthetic or even futuristic. Certainly they will not resemble, for example, paneling from the last century. Wooden elements can be made of wood of different shades or be of different sizes or shapes. Wooden walls combined with wooden floors, which will differ in color and texture, can give a very interesting effect. Wooden panels are placed on the walls very simply, so their assembly is not cumbersome. Appropriate interior design, taking into account wooden panels, will make the room not seem small, but cozy and luxurious.

3D wall panels

Another similar idea is to use 3D panels to finish the interior of our apartment. These are panels that are also placed on the walls. They usually have dimensions of several to several dozen centimeters and can be made of various materials. They have convex elements, so that when laid, the wall pattern will be three-dimensional. It is certainly a very interesting way to diversify our interior, and it can be used in many rooms. Currently, we have a choice of many types of panels of this type, so they can be adapted to many arrangements. They will certainly look very elegant and modern.

Interesting fact: Upholstered panels are a very original type of wall panels. These are panels that are mounted on the wall, but they are soft and resemble the finish of upholstered furniture, on which we sit, for example, sofas. They are also available in the form of cubes like 3D panels. We can arrange entire walls from them or only use them to finish walls, e.g. behind the bed.

3D and traditional wallpaper

Interior design could not do without wallpaper. Although they are considered by many to be a relic of the past, today there are many different types of innovative wallpapers or wallpapers that fit in with the new decorative trends. 3D wallpapers are an interesting solution. These are wallpapers that depict a specific scene, e.g. a forest or a beach. They are made in such a way that they create an impression of depth and spaciousness. This type of wallpaper can be placed on the walls of small rooms, if the interior design of a given room does not provide other options for enlarging it. Standard wallpapers can be used on walls also when we no longer have ideas for other types of finishing, and we do not want a given wall to be e.g. dominant or too common.

Decorative brick

If we are going to design an interior and make it boldly, it is worth considering a decorative brick. These are bricks that are placed on the wall and whose task is to directly imitate construction bricks. They have many colors, textures and sizes. They are also available in a waterproof version, so we can use them to make e.g. bathrooms or kitchens. Decorative bricks are available at attractive prices and in all construction supermarkets. In addition, on the market we can also buy original decorative bricks obtained from demolished tenement houses, if we want the highest quality and authenticity. Designing an interior with such decorative bricks is also simple, because they perfectly combine with e.g. wood, decorative concrete, glass or steel and we can use them in many situations.

Painting graphics and patterns

The last and one of the most original ideas for finishing our walls is to paint patterns and graphics on them. Certainly, on the walls of a uniform color, such graphics will look very impressive. We can use, for example, black and white patterns or color graphics of various sizes, themes or styles. Such walls will not be boring and uniform, but they will not dominate either. It is an ideal solution if we no longer have ideas for finishing the walls in our house and we do not want them to remain standard. We can use special templates to make such paintings. They will be a good choice if the paintings are to be simple and more like graphics. If we want to put a slightly larger and more complicated pattern on our wall, we can use our talent or hire artists.

Tip: Interior design is a very difficult and demanding process. If we have some doubts or do not know what solution to apply, it is definitely worth consulting an interior decorator or designer. Such consultation will be quick and will allow you to make the right choices that will accompany us in the apartment for a long time.

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