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Cechy dobrego trenera personalnego

Nowadays, we pay more attention to taking care of ourselves. It is important for us how we eat and what lifestyle we lead. Exercise and exercise have long since ceased to be merely New Year’s resolutions, and have become an indispensable part of the lives of many of us. When going to the gym, however, we often do not know what to do, and our motivation is lost with the first week “without much effects”. We make one mistake – we do not use the services of a personal trainer, which can prove to be invaluable help both in the initial and later stages of training. What exactly does it do and how can it help us? What should a good personal trainer be like? We cover these issues in our article.

What does a personal trainer do?

The main task of a personal trainer is, in short, to meet our expectations in terms of training at the gym and achieving our goal, at least to the extent for which he could be responsible. His work begins with preparing a thorough and very inquisitive interview, on the basis of which not only our body and strength goals are determined, but also our lifestyle, the way we eat and the level of physical activity outside the gym are checked. An important stage is also testing our form, which allows him to determine what he can afford when making a plan.

It is the planning of the plan that is the next step taken by the personal trainer – this plan must take into account our individual predispositions and conditions, but it should also be flexible and possible to modify after starting the training itself. Personal trainer takes an active part in our trainings, and his role is not only to show us the correct way to perform individual exercises, but also to observe us while taking them and tell us what we could change and improve, not only to achieve better results, but also not to get injured. A personal trainer is therefore our individual training partner, who also makes sure that our activities in the gym are not empty.

The most desirable features of a personal trainer

When choosing a personal trainer, we often rely on who will be suggested to us at the reception of the gym we attend. This is a bug. There are so many trainers that we can choose the one that will meet our expectations and who will prove to be a real help without embarrassing us with our presence. We can be picky about it! The features of an ideal trainer include:

  • trustworthy appearance – this is important not only in the aforementioned “not restraining”, but also in relying on his recommendations and proposals; a well-trained trainer is more trusted – after all, the knowledge he passed on was most likely based on his own experiences;
  • individual approach – this is the absolute basis of a trainer from the name of “personal” – he should not be guided by rigid rules and training plans, and all activities should be based on our current appearance, strength and preferences in terms of performed exercises;
  • extensive knowledge about exercises – the range of trainers’ activities should not be limited to one set of exercises and knowledge of the operation of machines located in the gym – an “ordinary” trainer can teach us how to use them; this personal one is expected to have a lot of alternatives and to differentiate our training in such a way that both we and our muscles are not bored with it;
  • the ability to guess our potential expectations – we often do not know for what purpose we go to the gym and although awareness of our plans and goals is important, a good trainer can also cope with the lack of it;
  • realistic approach – a good trainer is not one that promises us amazing results after the first weeks of training, but rather one that takes into account all aspects of going to the gym and lifestyle, and realistically tells about what we can actually achieve, and what we can only count on in the long term;
  • versatility – a good trainer is one who practices the knowledge he communicates – he is able to prompt not only during training, but also outside of it, giving us, for example, tips about the diet or what we could change in our daily routine; This is what we should devote to conversations between series of repetitions, and the trainer should be more of our buddy than an employee.


A personal trainer is a person who can prove invaluable not only in the initial but also later stages of our adventure with the gym. In addition to transferring these obvious values, which include showing us the exercises and the proper way to perform them, it can act as the best motivator and person who enables us to make even greater progress. However, we can only get all this from a good, experienced trainer who knows his stuff – by finding one, we can be sure that we will be in the right hands.

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