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Detektyw - kiedy się do niego udać?

Basically, most of us know what a private investigator does. In fact, however, it turns out that this profession is shrouded in mystery. Many people who find themselves in a complicated situation – life or professional – do not realize that they can turn to a detective for help. Meanwhile, it would only take one or two days of his work to solve the problem. What is a detective’s remit and when should we turn to him for help? In other words – what are the most popular cases that require the involvement of a detective?

Help in divorce matters

The most common reason people choose private investigators is because of their pending divorce case. In such cases, the main task of the detective is to check the faithfulness of the person indicated by the client. This is done through stationary and mobile observation – where and when a person goes and with whom he meets.

The course of the observation is documented by the detective in writing. Additionally, photographic and film material is collected that can be used as irrefutable evidence during a divorce hearing. If necessary, the detective may appear in court as a witness of his client, confirming the authenticity of the collected evidence.

Security… People, business or home

There are times in life when we have specific reasons to be concerned about the safety of our own, our family, business or home. In such situations, we can turn to a detective who has the appropriate knowledge and resources to conduct a security audit.

How does it work? The detective, based on his knowledge and experience, verifies the degree of security of the subject of the order (private person, house, company or apartment). It also checks the effectiveness of physical security (for example in the form of security or barriers) and electronic security (alarms, gates, access cards, etc.).

In the case of companies, the degree of difficulty in obtaining documentation or information that is important for a given company is also checked. It also verifies the possibility of unauthorized access to the facility.

Another area of ​​audit is the effectiveness of the alarm system in an emergency – such as a terrorist attack or the presence of explosives.

After completion of the audit, the detective prepares complete written documentation regarding the effectiveness of security measures. The report also includes possible suggestions that could improve the security level of the subject of the audit. If necessary, it is possible to involve a detective in implementation works related to new procedures or security measures.

What environment does my baby move in?

A very common reason for hiring a detective is the child’s suddenly changing behavior. In such a situation, parents decide to seek the help of a specialist to verify in which company their child is. Sometimes parents worry about strange behavior – sometimes a sudden inflow of money and the purchase of new clothes or electronic devices. In such a situation, parents want to make sure that their child is not involved in any illegal activities, such as drug trafficking.

Sometimes it is necessary to check the child’s company from a different angle. Namely, is it not in any way persecuted or intimidated by local hooligans? Often, such people force customers’ children to donate money or commit petty crimes – such as shoplifting and sometimes also from private homes.

Credibility of people

We often find ourselves in situations where, despite our sincere intentions, we do not fully trust our partner, future spouse, son-in-law or daughter-in-law. The source for this may be past bad experiences or disturbing behavior.

In such situations, we have the option to turn to a private detective. Thanks to his field work skills, he will be able to verify whether the person is trustworthy. For example, if we suspect someone of cheating or getting involved in bad company – the detective will be able to provide us with reliable information on this subject in an unnoticed way.

In such cases, the source of anxiety does not necessarily come from a lack of trust, but simply from concern for a loved one. If we are wondering if someone is who they say they are and we have reasons to think otherwise, it is worth asking a detective for help.

Prevention of surveillance

Both in the case of companies and individuals, a very common reason for hiring a detective is the detection of potential wiretaps or hidden cameras. Surveillance is a very disturbing phenomenon that can even make us paranoid. So if for some reason we think that our home, office or car may have a wiretap or a hidden camera – we can go to a private detective and ask him to check it.

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