Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
Biuro tłumaczeń a poszerzanie działań naszej firmy o Niemcy

By running our own business, we want to develop and make it reach an even larger group of recipients – it is absolutely natural. At some point in its existence, it very often happens that we decide to increase the range of its operations and transfer the services it provides to another country. Equally often, the choice is Germany – our immediate neighbors, known for their well-developed economy. However, how to deal with existence in this country, if we do not know the language spoken by its inhabitants? Companies for which German translations are their daily bread can help us. However, are they enough to successively run our company outside our country? If so, how to choose the right one that will fully meet our expectations?

German translations – is it enough to run a business in Germany?

Although translation companies are usually associated with the translation of individual materials, they are able to collaborate with people and companies in a more comprehensive way . German translationsThey can therefore be carried out on an ongoing basis, and we can engage a translation agency as an intermediary in communication, whether with contractors or with clients with whom we cooperate outside our country. The most common solution is to “pass” all corporate correspondence through the aforementioned translation company, which then converts it into the target language and sends it either to the client or to us (it works both ways). Naturally, most companies provide access to a simultaneous interpreter, who will help us in the case of “live” meetings or in dealing with matters directly in Germany.

Of course, the question of getting along is how it will all be accounted for. The most popular model for carrying out something like comprehensive German translations involves paying a subscription, under which the translation company takes care of all our needs for a single fee. The amount depends in turn on how big they really are.

What should the translation agency we choose to work like?

As we mentioned earlier, expanding the scope of the company’s activity is very popular nowadays – therefore, the number of translation companies that provide services related to it is huge. This is good news for us – after all, it’s always better to have plenty to choose from. However, high competition makes it difficult for us to decide on the services of a specific company. So let’s first and foremost define our needs and expectations, before the actual search begins. There are also some basic features that should be characteristic of each company that we choose to provide services for. These include, among others:

      • performing translations on time – every entrepreneur is well aware of the fact that timeliness is essential; customers do not like to wait, and contractors even more – that’s why a translation company should not delay our activities;
      • complexity of activities – operation in the company is very complex and does not come down to just one thing; situations often happen here, and the translation company must be ready for it; even if her main duties will include translating current correspondence, she must also be at our service in the case of more complicated and less template activities related to the use of the language;
      • a price adequate to specific needs – a translation company must adapt its offer to individual needs, instead of offering a fixed price list; each company requires something different and each operates on a slightly different scale – we cannot be treated (in terms of price) as the greatest “player” when we are just getting started in the arena of international business;
      • multilingualism – even if, when deciding to use the services of a translation agency to facilitate expansion only to Germany, we do not think about other countries, often this expansion in Germany does not end. It is worth being aware of this when choosing a company whose services are the most diverse and cover as many languages ​​as possible – with further expansion of the scope of services, we will not have to cooperate with someone else.


When deciding to extend the scope of the company’s activity to Germany and not having the appropriate language skills, whether to communicate with local contractors, or to settle official matters, translate an online store or anything else, where the language is a barrier, it seems reasonable to reach for for German translations. Fortunately, the competition on the translation market is enormous nowadays, and long-term and comprehensive cooperation with a company like ours is a great thing for each of them. Therefore, when choosing a partner in the field of translations, let’s be picky and take care of our own interests, choosing one that will meet all our expectations.

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