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Jakie dostępne są deski wakesurf w sklepie internetowym? Wakesurf to odmiana surfingu, tyle, że za motorówką i oczywiście wiąże się pokonywaniem ogromnych fal bez liny.

Wakesurf is a type of surfing, but behind a motorboat and of course it involves negotiating huge waves without a rope. When looking for high-quality wakesurf boards, the online store will meet the requirements, because it offers a wide selection of such equipment for sports. Manufacturers, listening to the whims of wakesurfers, combine them with the technology of building skimboards to improve the board that allows you to freely swim behind a motorboat . Regardless of whether you are an experienced veteran or a beginner in wakesurfing, he will find the right model for himself.

What can you count on when buying a wakesurf board in an online store?

Wakesurfing is a water sport in which a surfer rides a board following the wave created by a motorboat. It is very convenient: you do not need to go to the ocean for many hours to surf, you just need to find the nearest water club where there is a boat and swim there at your leisure. Clubs usually provide boards for rent, but if someone decides to have their own wakesurf board, the online store can advise on the choice and determine the features of their geometry.

Given that wakesurfing is a relatively young sport, difficulties arise when shopping. Therefore, when choosing wakesurfing, you can always count on the help of online store consultants. Experts will select the appropriate size of the board, provide information on the design features and equipment options. This will help you get the optimal board model.

The most important parameters for choosing a wakesurf board in the online store?

The boards are available in a wide variety of shapes to suit different riding styles and levels of training. Length is measured in inches and feet, just like classic surfboards. There are no strict recommendations for choosing the length, but it is worth remembering the following:

  • The longer models have a larger footprint and greater displacement, which means they are better suited for heavier riders. If you are following a speedboat that does not produce a very large wave, you can also choose a longer board. Long boards move slower in the water and are good for beginners.
  • Short models are more agile and faster. Therefore, they are suitable for those who already know how to ride as well as for light riders.

Wakesurfing surfing style

When it comes to the shape of the wakesurf board, the online store offers various solutions. Wakesurfing in a surf style resembles classic surfing, but in a smaller version. The boards have a directional shape and a fish tail or square tail type These boards are available in a variety of materials in different lengths and configurations These products are usually the longest and most voluminous. They often have multiple fin placement options for the rider to pick the best option. The surf-style wakesurf boards are suitable for both beginners and experienced riders.

Skim style wakesurfs – gliding on the surface

Skim style wakesurf boards are smaller and less buoyant. The fins on these boards are also smaller. Unlike surfboards which travel up and down the wave, the maneuverable skim boards are designed to turn and glide, so they’re great for a variety of tricks. Most often, the board is made of epoxy and polyester, which makes it durable and flexible. The basalt fiber it contains has damping properties and better resistance to mechanical damage. Skim models are more suitable for experienced riders.

Wakesurfing in a hybrid style

Hybrid wakesurfing combines the best features of the two previous boards: surf style board speed and glide maneuverability. Hybrid wakesurfs come in various forms, they also include skim models equipped with surf fins and surfboards with small fins . Models of hybrid wakesurf boards are sold by the online store from a combination of layers of wood and foam, they combine the advantages of wood flexibility and the stiffness of artificial materials. Such boards are more rigid, ideal for jumping from the edge.

Rocker boards, i.e. board deflection

If you are riding a wakesurf board you will see that it is not completely flat, the board has a deflection, this deflection is called a rocker and it affects the behavior of the board. A board with a small rocker touches the water with a larger surface, this board will accelerate faster and provide smoother operation during the movement. There are three types of such boards:

      • Smooth – gives the board easier control, smooth handling, slower speed and easier turns
      • Three-stage – guarantees speed on water, stability on obstacles and a perfect edge
      • Hybrid – is a combination of both of the above solutions.

The shape of the wakesurf boards online store offers a variety of options as it affects how the board will ride and turn in the water. The thin and sharp sidewalls will give the board control and speed. Rounded and thick, they increase stability and smoothness. Different tail shapes also have different meanings when riding. The right shape will help improve your skills and will allow you to enjoy more driving. Some shapes are better for larger waves and some are better for smaller waves. The difference in the shape of the tail of the board affects the wakesurfing behavior.

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