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Kwiaty sztuczne - wszystko, co trzeba wiedzieć na ich temat

Although a dozen or so years ago, artificial flowers enjoyed a bad reputation and were labeled “cheesy”, nowadays they enjoy a second youth, and every artificial flower wholesaler is under siege. What is this caused? First of all, changes in the approach to interior design, a different fashion, but also the fact that more and more people notice their advantages. In this short guide, we will present the advantages of choosing artificial flowers, but also all the aspects closely related to their purchase.

Advantages of using artificial flowers

Before we visit a wholesaler of artificial flowers or another place that sells them (we present a few of our favorites below), we must think whether these flowers are really for us. Below we present their main advantages, which definitely cannot be ignored:

  • They are suitable for apartments and houses with allergies – as artificial plants do not dusty, are not able to cause allergies and contribute to rhinitis. They act more like furniture and are able to collect dust that can be easily removed;
  • they do not require large and regular care – while with natural flowers we have to replace the soil, use various types of nutrients and water them regularly, all these problems disappear with the purchase of artificial flowers; As we mentioned earlier, these behave like a piece of furniture – just place them wherever we want and we do not have to do anything else, except for the occasional removal of dust accumulating on them;
  • they never change their form – we can be sure that the artificial flower will not grow and will keep its shape and size all the time. This is extremely important when designing an interior that will largely rely on it. Artificial flowers never wilt – so they do not need to be replaced and therefore partly also save money;
  • they are able to withstand any conditions – while real and natural flowers must always have access to the sun and stay in a properly dry room, and – generally – under the right conditions, artificial flowers are perfect for all interiors. They are the only ones to cope with, for example, a bathroom , where they will be subjected to high humidity – this could kill their natural counterparts. Artificial flowers can also be placed in an office without windows, with perpetually darkness;
  • you can bet on the exotic – there are only a dozen types of natural flowers that can be used at home in our country, in the specific Polish climate. In the case of artificial flowers, we have a much wider choice – nothing stands in the way of choosing a flower that is very exotic and unique in Poland, which would not be able to survive here in its natural form. Thanks to this, our arrangement options are much more numerous.

Of course, artificial flowers are not for everyone – but only those who value nature over aesthetics are against them. Although flowers of this type are able to perfectly imitate their natural counterparts, they will never be such flowers – both to the touch and even in smell.

Where can you buy artificial flowers?

By far the best place to buy plastic plants is an artificial flower wholesaler . It is most appreciated for the fact that it presents by far the widest range, but also often gives us the opportunity to adapt flowers to our own needs . It is also worth finding their manufacturer and contacting him directly – for an appropriate fee, he will create a composition that will perfectly fit into the arrangement of our apartment or house. However, our options related to the purchase of artificial flowers do not end there. We can also reach for specialist gardening and general construction stores, and flowers of this type can also be found in large chain stores, especially those with a department that is at least a bit related to home decoration.

Wholesale of artificial flowers – or only for companies?

As we mentioned above, the best place to buy plastic plants – because it has the largest assortment – is a wholesaler of artificial flowers . The very term (“wholesaler”) brings to mind that it could be intended only for business customers (and therefore, for example, garden stores). This is often not true , and most wholesalers of this type also address their offer to individual customers. So let’s try not to be discouraged by the term itself, they always ask about the possibility of a purchase.


Artificial flowers are something that you should seriously think about introducing something into your own apartment or house. They can complement even the most modern arrangement and are a great option for fans of greenery who, for some reason, cannot rely on fully natural vegetation. So let’s visit an artificial flower warehouse as soon as possible, choosing flowers that will suit both our tastes and the current arrangement of our apartment or house.

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